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House Church

“House Church: Embracing Authentic Community” is a Christian book that guides readers on establishing and nurturing house churches. Authored by Vanessa Hensel, this enlightening read emphasizes the importance of surrendering to Jesus and creating intimate communities akin to the early Christian church. Through genuine connections and shared commitment, the book encourages believers to build deep relationships, serve one another, and foster an environment where the Holy Spirit actively works. Additionally, it provides practical steps, reflective questions, and insights to help readers break free from traditional religious structures and embrace a fulfilling, Kingdom-focused life.

About The Book

House Church: Embracing Authentic Community

Vanessa Hensel invites you to embark on a transformative journey to embrace an authentic Christian community through house churches. This book dives into what it truly means to live a surrendered life, entangled with others, as part of the family of Christ.

What You’ll Learn:

The foundations of house church communities

The significance of surrendering to Jesus and living a life dedicated to His teachings

How Jesus and the early Christians exemplified community living

Practical steps to start your house church community

Navigating challenges and finding joy in community living

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